Snip It In The Bud

Fur Animal Rescue’ “Snip It In The Bud” Program was designed to assist members of the North Platte community in spaying and neutering stray and feral cats. If you are feeding cats, we want to help you fix them. 

(If you have a pet that needs fixed, please contact Pawsitive Partners, the local spay/neuter org at 308-650-7296.)

Fur Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, non profit. All money used to assist this program is from donations and fundraising. We strongly encourage those reaching out to us for help, to also contribute a portion financially, if you are able.

We are not able to trap, transport or return cats for you. We are here to assist with the financial aspect as best we can, while you do the work for the cats, to stop their continued breeding. 

We, or the North Platte Animal Shelter, can loan you traps and advise on how to trap. 
You will need to trap and take the cats to the vet we tell you, on the days we advise you, for the appointments we make for you. 
You will also need to pick up the cat(s) after their surgery and provide them with a safe place over night, where they can rest, before you release them. 

Fur Animal Rescue is NOT responsible for the cats you are applying for. We will not take any of these cats. This program is to help you get them spayed and neutered, only. Our goal is to stop overpopulation, before it starts.
The solution isn’t no kill, it’s no birth. 

All cats qualifying for this program will be:
✔️Spayed or Neutered
✔️Vaccinated for FVRCP and Rabies
✔️Treated for fleas, ticks, ear mites
✔️Left Ear Tipped for TNR identification
✔️Checked over under anesthesia for any additional needs